Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Lola Models Hi Im Due Another Little Girl In 3 Months What Name Do U Prefer Out Of Lily-mae And Lola? Thanx!?

Hi im due another little girl in 3 months what name do u prefer out of lily-mae and lola? thanx!? - little lola models

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Emmy Jo ~ 32 weeks with a boy! said...


My vote is for Lola! Do you have a class that you feel glamorous, but it seems to me make like a movie star, 1940, or a beautiful Spanish woman.

Lily is one of my favorite names, has everything become so common, in recent years. It is now as the 33rd popular girls known to the nation. That said, I can not for a bad choice. He seems so sweet and innocent. I prefer to only the name Lily Mae and as a middle name used. In this way, you can contact Lily Mae (my mother still calls me Emmy Jo), but when I'm older, have a name that is a bit more mature and sophisticated. Lily-Mae is love, but it has a picturesque, Vibe country in which your child or not, as when he is older.

Both ways are good, but! May I ask how you call your other daughter?

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